Thursday, July 29, 2010

Car Finance and Loans

Buying a car is not a dream in today's world market. Nowadays the dream about car can come true by easy methods like buying through financing and loan. All the credits goes to multinational companies and various private sector banks. All these measures initiate the human dream with innovative service offerings and incentives. This facility can be available throughout the country for the purchase of both new and second-hand cars.

Notable Features of Car Finance

  • Banks pay up to 90% of the cost of the new vehicle.
  • In case of used vehicles, banks finance up to a maximum of 85% of the value of the car.
  • Generally public sector banks offer lower rate of interest than the non-banking finance companies.
  • Usually the interest is calculated on a monthly reducing balance.
  • The banks offer a repayment tenure of 12 to 60 months.
  • Few institutions even offer 7 years repayment period.
  • A salaried person can borrow up to 3 times of the annual salary.
  • A self employed individuals can borrow up to 6 times of the annual income.

Required Documents:

  • Application Form
  • Photographs
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of income of last two years
  • Proof of Residence

Take Note

  • The income of spouse can be clubbed to increase the loan amount.
  • Terms and conditions for prepayment of the amount need to be clarified before agreement
  • Try to consider taking loan where there is no penalty of prepayment.

List of Companies offering Car Finance

  • Ashok Leyland Finance
  • Bajaj Auto Finance
  • Kotak Mahindra Primus
  • Sundaram Finance

Car Loans from Banks

  • SBI
  • TATA

Car Loan Tips

  • Compare per month emi and processing fee.
  • Discounts and other free bees.
  • Check for whether your bank has tie up with The car Dealer of your choice.
  • Any discounts on Car Insurance.
  • Documents required and disbursal period.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mercedes Benz Cars in India

Mercedes-benz cars came into existence in India during 1994 in collaboration with Telco. Benz cars have been considered to have a wealthy and royal customers. The cost of Benz car is enormously high when compared to other branded cars. It is considered to be the luxurious car in the world.
Mercedes Benz Models with their Prices

Mercedes Benz C -Class (Sedan) Rs.32,50,768
Mercedes Benz E -Class (Sedan) Rs.41,85,948
Mercedes Benz CLS Class (Sedan) Rs.76,31,004
Mercedes Benz S-Class (Sedan) Rs.93,74,913
Mercedes Benz SL-Class Rs.1,30,78,614

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Port Name : Port of South Louisiana
State : Louisiana
Total Trade : 224,187,322
Foreign Imports : 40,087,413
Foreign Exports : 64,683,390
Foreign Total : 104,770,803
Domestic Total : 119,416,519

The Port of South Louisiana is the largest volume shipping port in the Western Hemisphere and 9th largest in the world. It is the largest bulk cargo port in the world.

It extends 54 miles (87 km) along the Mississippi River between Louisiana" class="mw-redirect">New Orleans, Louisiana and , centering approximately at LaPlace, Louisiana, which serves as the Port's headquarters location.
This port is critical for grain shipments from the Midwest, handling some 60% of all raw grain exports.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


T-90S is one of the most advanced Russian tank that belong to the T-series. The main feature of this tank is firepower, mobility and protection. T-90S was built by Uralvagonzavod a factory located in Nizhnyi Tagil in Russia. This tank entered Russian armed force in 1992.

The tank can accommodate 3 people and it weighs about 46.5 tons. It has a -stroke V-84ms diesel engine with 849hp and the fuel capacity is 1,600l. The tank can move travel to a range of 650 km in the paved roads and 500 Km in unpaved roads. The speed limit is 65 km/h.

American Foreign Policy Center said that Russia is currently working on the tank to upgrade it to the new T-95 version. The features of the new version tank are:

Diesel-electric propulsion
135mm gun
360° sensors
Pro-active electric reactive armor
Weight: over 55 tons
Ceramics-n-fiber armor
Virtual reality for the driver and gunner
2 crew members will man the tank
Autoloader for 3 different types of ammo.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum or LT Museum is located in Covent Garden in London. LT Museum pursues to protect and explain the transport heritage of Britain's capital city. The museum covers all the aspects of the transportation in the city.

Within London the museum is operated from two different sites. The main site is the Covent Garden and the other site is in Acton. The main site has the name of its parent institution and is also suffixed by the Covent Garden. It is open to the public on all days. The museum has been recently reopened after two years of refurbishment.

The other site is called as London Transport Museum Depot. And it is open to the public on regular visitor days. This is principally a storage site.

London general omnibus company (LGOC) brought the first part of the collection to the museum at the beginning of the 20th century. This is the time the company started to preserve the buses that were retired from their service. After when LGOC was taken by the London electric railway the collection included the rail vehicles also. From then the museum started to expand.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Latest Automotive Technology

Cordless Heated Car Screen Ice Scraper - A company named "Maplin" has designed a cordless heated ice scraper for your car. Maybe it's because there are few things I hate more than scraping ice for 15 minutes in the morning, but I love the idea of this device. The electric ice scraper charges in a cigarette lighter socket, which charges the scraper for about 20 minutes at a time. This slices through ice on your window, making the process much simpler than it's been before. The device even comes with an LED light to help you if you're scraping ice before dawn.

iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer - This device fits on your iPod or iPhone and lets you take your own alcohol level before you drive. Attach the device to your iPhone or iPod, blow into the breathalyzer and learn whether you could pass a breathalyzer test if you start down the highway. The problem I see with these is that someone impaired by alcohol probably won't have the wits about them to test their own alcohol level, but I suppose that this is for those that are near the legal level and not three-sheets-to-the-wind.

Houdini Automotive Escape Tool - This is a device to place in your car that helps out in a few key emergencies. The handheld device is made to help you break your windshield in case you're trapped in the car after a wreck. Also, it has a safe razor blade which cuts through seatbelts, if you are similarly trapped. Of course, the Houdini Escape Tool also has a flashlight and the ability to call 911. There is also a "Houdini Pro" for firefighters and police officers, which is simply a bigger, industrial strength version of the Houdini Automotive Escape Device.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tips to buy a used auto

Many people have a dream of buying a car. For those buying a used car would be a high discount. Buying a used car has more useful benefits if they are carefully selected. Below are some of the tips to buy a used car.

Before going to buy the used car you must know some information about the used car. Try to know its protections available under the laws.

Choose a car that is really worthy. Search for a car based on the model and make. The search can also be made easier by looking for the year of manufacture, mileage given and your budget. Always never use a car by its external features and attractiveness of the car.

When applying for a car loan make sure that the used car is worth of the loan and is secure for comprehensive insurance.

Try to know the condition of the used car from the car dealer who is trying to sell it. Enquire about the condition of the major components of the car. Get the information about registration, repair, and accident details of the car. You can even get a help from the experienced and trusted mechanic to inspect the car and to estimate its cost.

Make sure that you get all the records and warranties of the used car from the seller as a written statement.